Importance of Charity and Education in Islam

Education and charity plays an important role in Islam. It not only teaches an individual about the ways of world but also helps them gain an understanding about the worldly ethics. It is considered that both these factors contributes in the making of character of a person and helps him become a better individual. A well-educated individual is important for creating a balanced society, wherein people of different nature and religion can co-exist and live a happy and peaceful life.

To ensure that every kid is offered appropriate education, Muslim parents ensure to send their children to Muslim school. Herein they are offered lessons of secular education and also imparted knowledge about Islam. The school not only exposes children about world knowledge but also enables them learns basics and insight of their religion. Such knowledge gain is important and helps in the making of responsible and religious kids.

The importance of education and Muslim charities UK has prevailed since primitive ages. It has been mentioned in Holy Quran that it is extremely important for individuals to start gaining knowledge from the time of their birth to their last breath. One of the major things which are taught while rendering education to individuals is about charity. It is said and taught that performing charity is essential for both donor and the needy.

With donations needy is able to get things and money which is important for their living. At the same time, donor is blessed with blessings from Allah which helps them live a happy and blissful life. However to get blessed with happiness donor should make sure to keep their charitable act a secret and never market about it.


Find Islamic College Online

People feel more comfortable when they are surrounded by other people who are from their own faith and understand their culture best. Many Muslim parents prefer to send their children to Islamic educational institutes. If someone is searching an islamic college then he should seek help of the internet. Online, people would be able to find colleges suitable for different courses. One should know the course he/she wants to pursue. On the basis of that, he/she should look for a college. There are some colleges which are meant only for Muslims and they charge a nominal fee.

By charging no or nominal fee from students, colleges do a very good thing but they also need to meet various expenses. They are able to operate because some people always find time for charity. There are a large number of people who do charity every month. If you wish to help other people then there can be nothing better than donating money to an educational institute. You can easily find islamic charities uk online. Donating money for a good cause is always a great thing to do.

These days, it is so easy to make a donation. You can also make it anonymously. All you need to do is to find a website where you can donate money. You can also choose to not disclose your identity. If someone is earning well then he should also think about helping others. It will help him get more blessings from Allah for sure.

Importance of Charity in Islam

Charites are integral part of every community be it any individual, profit or non-profit organization. Even a small charity can change the lives of people. Smallest of donations combined can make a huge impact to a community. Some people think about investing small money as charity while others believe in charity lot more. This is the reason why Islamic charities are considered to be great way to help community. Many people don’t understand the importance of doing charity for example helping build islamic girls high school is a form of charity in Islam.

Charity can help you get tax deductions equivalent to the amount donated. With the help of tax deductions, you can save your money and help society while also enjoy benefits of getting your income down to lower tax bill. Many charitable organizations also give gifts to individuals for the charity they give to the company. Companies recognize individual’s investment and also help boost your popularity. Giving charity ultimately gives benefit to society and helps it make a better place to live. Goods and services to the needy can give others a better life prospects and improve their standard of living.

Charity in Islam is a very important and considered to be important in terms of religious reasons. It is written clearly in Islam that one who follows Islam should do charity and always plan to donate to others. If you are looking to improve standard of living for people then donation is one of the quickest ways to serve society. It can also give a sense of personal satisfaction as you will be happy to serve people who require your help. It can build a strong connection to others and as a person it helps an individual to gain an understanding about sacrifice and humanity.

Ways of Performing Charity in Islam

Zakat is known as Islamic charity or tax. It has been mentioned in Quran that every Muslim must donate his/her wealth to people who are in need. Amongst the five pillars of Islam, Zakat is one of them which encourage Muslim to make donations. There are numerous people who are homeless and starving without food; however with Zakat poverty can be eradicated.

About Zakat

While performing, zakat a certain percentage of wealth is donated to people who are in need. Such donations can also be made to Muslim foundations; however one must ensure that it reaches to the needy people across the world. Zakat is derived from the word Zakaa which means to purify ones souls, increase happiness and be showered with good deeds. This clarifies that it is very important to share one’s wealth among people who are in need and empower them live a good life.

About Sadaqa

It can be donated in any form, which means it may not always be money or food. It can be a simple smile or kind words to someone to make his day or life beautiful. Charity in Islam indeed holds a very important place and must be performed by every individual such that their sins can be forgotten and good life can be imparted to everyone.

How to perform Charity in Islam?

  • One can donate money and building materials when there is a mosque construction. Or can even contribute by working during the construction.
  • There are many children who are suffering from lack of education; one can donate money to build an Islamic college or school. Educating a child is the biggest wealth which one can donate.

Significance of Donations and Charity in Islam

According to the teachings of Quran, every Muslim should do charity and perform good deed for a peaceful and fruitful afterlife. It is believed that a person who has done good deeds in his life will be rewarded through credits and recognition. Good deeds can be performed by passing on and educating people about teachings of Islam, and also from the acts of his righteous children who will pray for his peaceful afterlife.

Donations and Charity Work

According to the teachings of Islam, there are a number of selfless charity works that can be done. People are encouraged to charity work not only for their own benefit but also the good of others in need. These include:

  • Islamic donation made to Mosques, orphanages, schools, health clinics and hospitals
  • Labour work undertaken for construction of Mosques, schools, hospitals and other public places
  • Sponsoring a needy person or child
  • Distributing and educating others about the teaching of the Holy Scripture of Islam
  • Teaching a person to recite the Holy Quran or dua
  • Planting trees, helping animals or distributing water and food to the needy

Significance in Islam

The charity work or donations made in Islam are called as Sadaqah or ceaseless charity. Islam teaches to make as many selfless charity and donations as possible. Charity done for Muslim girl’s school is also said to bring many rewards and credits to the person. Such rewards not only benefit an individual during his life, but also enable the person to reap its benefits even after death.

The Importance of Charity in Islam

The teachings of Islam emphasize on doing as many good deeds as possible. The greatest benefit of doing charity is benefits of it can be achieved even after the death of a man. As stated by The Prophet of Muslim when a man dies, the only three things that will live after him are the rewards of charity he has done, the knowledge he has passed on and the virtuous children he has who will pray for him.

Selfless Charity

Islam teaches all its followers to do selfless charity whenever an opportunity shows itself. The rewards of the charity are known as Sadaqah Jariyah or ceaseless charity that will be received not only in this life but will continue in the afterlife as well. A deed of selfless charity is considered beneficial for both the giver and receiver, and hence it is advisable that it should be performed on regular basis.

Ways to Perform Muslim Charity

There are various ways in which charity can be performed; some of it has been listed below;

Donate or participate in the construction of Mosque, orphanage, school, hospitals, clinics, water wells and water tanks.
Sponsor education of a needy child or an orphan.
Distribute Holy Scriptures and reading material based on Islam.
Teach people to recite the Holy Quran or a dua.
Share knowledge about the true teachings of Islam and educate them about the religion.
Plant trees or donate for the cause, help animals and other humans in the time of need and give them a better life.
Place water at public places for use by the people.

Why promoting girls education is important?


Education is very important for everyone. It is not only important for development of an individual, instead it contributes for the development of nation as a whole. Education is not only about learning, reading, speaking or solving mathematics problem; it also helps in understanding the world in a better way. Now many backward countries have taken initiative to help girl child educate, which in turn helps in improving the economic growth of the company.

Education in Islamic country

In many of the Islamic countries, girls are sent to school so that they can be educated well. Earlier days girls were never let out of the house, but now world has changed. There are many charity organisations which offer donation for students who cannot afford education. Girls education charity is offered the most in Islamic communities such that girls can become independent and live healthy lifestyle. Now day’s people believe whether it is a boy or a girl educating them is very important. There are different feminist movements which take place every day;to bring awareness for girl education and help achieve good position in the society.

Education in Islamic colleges

There are many Islamic college which offer education to girls at a less fee. If in case the family is not able to afford to pay the college, student is allowed to educate themselves at free of cost. Considering so many initiatives taken for women education, many countries has removed the ban of woman education and are offering special courses in the support of girls.

What are the benefits of Islamic charities?

Muslims are encouraged to perform Islamic charities in variety of ways. Performing such steps makes a society more pleasant place to live. To ensure, that people continues serving society and people living within it, we have brought forth some ways in which the religion encourages charities:

  • Zakat is an act wherein Muslims are encouraged to give 2.5% of their wealth for good causes. This donation proves to be very beneficial for the community and helps fulfil local needs and services.
  • Being cheerful to everyone or other people is the best thing to do, as it spreads smile on everyone’s face and makes them feel happy.
  • Individuals are encouraged to stay honest, however the saddest part to it is people find it difficult to follow the same. Majority of people finds it comfortable staying dishonest rather than speaking truth. Muslim student’s studies in Islamic College are also guided to walk on the path of honesty.
  • Being honest in appropriate clothes and dress is considered to be one of the most important things which should be performed by an individual for worship of Allah. It has been observed, that girls with time starts dressing in an awkward way. Such acts should be highly avoided, instead ways of conducting charities should be thought of for serving the society.
  • Your birth in the society is not to show off; instead one should stay humble towards everyone. Modesty and humility is one of those characteristics, which help people treat each other with respect. One should note that humble behavior can reduce violence considerably.

Do Islamic Charity Easily Online

In the pursuit of noble causes, a lot of challenges may be faced by people. There are so many schools and colleges which are trying their best to impart education to Muslim students. The major challenge which might be faced by such institutions is lack of funds as they often impart education either for free or at nominal prices.

People who are associated with any such institution should know that help can be received in monetary terms from some charitable organizations which work for the upliftment of Muslims. The funds which are received from people who care about their brethren are received in the form of Islamic Charities. As people move towards betterment in life, they should also show kindness and do charity. Quran mentions that it is important to do charity and people who do it earn Sadaqah.

With the help of technology, it has become easier to donate money. People just need to find a platform online where they can donate money. It will only take a few moments for you to do charity. Nothing can be better than doing charity for education of Muslim students. No charity is small. Every penny counts and one should understand this. If a large number of people donate a small amount of money individually then the total charity money will be significant. One should not only focus on himself and his own growth but also think for others. Allah will surely bless all those people who help others in life.