The Importance of Charity in Islam

The teachings of Islam emphasize on doing as many good deeds as possible. The greatest benefit of doing charity is benefits of it can be achieved even after the death of a man. As stated by The Prophet of Muslim when a man dies, the only three things that will live after him are the rewards of charity he has done, the knowledge he has passed on and the virtuous children he has who will pray for him.

Selfless Charity

Islam teaches all its followers to do selfless charity whenever an opportunity shows itself. The rewards of the charity are known as Sadaqah Jariyah or ceaseless charity that will be received not only in this life but will continue in the afterlife as well. A deed of selfless charity is considered beneficial for both the giver and receiver, and hence it is advisable that it should be performed on regular basis.

Ways to Perform Muslim Charity

There are various ways in which charity can be performed; some of it has been listed below;

Donate or participate in the construction of Mosque, orphanage, school, hospitals, clinics, water wells and water tanks.
Sponsor education of a needy child or an orphan.
Distribute Holy Scriptures and reading material based on Islam.
Teach people to recite the Holy Quran or a dua.
Share knowledge about the true teachings of Islam and educate them about the religion.
Plant trees or donate for the cause, help animals and other humans in the time of need and give them a better life.
Place water at public places for use by the people.


The Role of Jamea Al Kauthar For Islamic Education

An Islamic school is an absolute necessity for imbibing the right kind of Islamic education to young minds. In order to groom a child according to the various principles of Islam, it is important that a Muslim boy or girl is sent to an Islamic school as this can lead to complete mental and spiritual training according to the tenets of Islam. Any ideal Islamic school needs to have a syllabus that conforms to the requirements of modern education that enables a child to compete with the rest of the world. It is in such grounds that the role of a school like Jamea Al Kauthar is considered important for Islamic education.

The whole purpose of getting a child enrolled with an Islamic education center is to essentially create an atmosphere that is in line with the Islamic ideology. This means that children are taught about Islamic ideas and philosophies in an environment that warm, encouraging and embracing with a décor that that fosters ideas about remembering God and dedicating life towards good actions. The students getting their education from Islamic schools can live their lives in a better way by following the concepts and ideas expressed in the Holy Book of Qur’an.

In any school offering Islamic education like Jamea Al Kauthar, the role of a teacher who attends to the children is to make sure that the students have a wholesome training on the ideas and precepts of Islam and that the person becomes ready over time to carry out his or her obligations set by Islamic philosophies. Learning about the recitation of Qu’ran is one of the most important lessons taught in an Islamic school. The teacher should also focus on educating a child by providing him or her with the etiquette and mannerisms which is going to serve the community as well as the needs of the child. This will ultimately help the child to understand his or her purpose in life. It will also help to make sure that the child gains all the knowledge that will not only help in achieving success in worldly matters but also have the most important spiritual or afterlife gains. Such an education will never make a child feel stifled, coerced and imprisoned. Instead, it will make the child feel motivated and inspired.

One of the most important roles performed by an Islamic education school like Jamea Al Kauthar is that it always makes sure that religious and secular teachings come and form together a comprehensive whole. This is important for the proper growth and development of a child. While religious teachings ensure that a child is always aware of his or her roots and connection with God, the secular lessons make it possible for the child to have a broader perspective on life and develop qualities that will be necessary in achieving success in today’s world. It is such factors that make an Islamic education so much important in modern life as it helps a child to achieve success and happiness while being firmly grounded at the same time.