Field of science and technology is continuously evolving and demand for more courses and opportunities for students is also increasing. With this growing trend and technology, more Muslim countries are also adopting the usage of technology and also letting their children adapt to this technology change. Science is core of all the things happening around you and it is important for the religions to understand the importance of technologies. More number of Muslims and their families have started investing in the field of science and technology.

They have started doing their part in the field of technology over the years. History has witnessed great deal of Muslim scientists and all this has happened due to adoption of Science and technology in the Islamic schools where Islamic courses are being studied along with science. More number of Muslims are getting exposure to learn and gain knowledge about different advancements in the field of technology without being impacted by the religion.

Islamic countries have started realizing the importance of adapting to science and technology along with providing education to girls. Without educating the girls in your society, it is not possible to liberate yourself or your religion. Therefore, new Islamic High School for Girls have been set up in different parts of the world where girls can learn and embrace the technology change. With the right kind of approach, every Muslim, be it Male or female, have started adopting this change and will get educated in the right way.


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