The Muslim religion is based on the teachings of Islam and the good deeds it encourages people to perform the betterment of society. Islam encourages a lot of good things for Muslims and one of the great things that it teaches is Zakat. Islam teaches everyone to do charity in different ways. Zakat is the act of giving some part of your wealth for a good cause such as building a Muslim school, college or a hospital.

There are so many benefits these teachings can bring especially when people have the capacity to donate. Only those who have sufficient wealth is required to perform Zakat or Sadaqah Jariah. Islam also teaches Muslims to stay cheerful with others and keep a friendly atmosphere in the society so that everyone can live in a pleasant and cooperative manner. It is also taught in Islam to stay honest with your fellow human beings. Honesty is required in the society to function properly and this can only be achieved if everyone is following a proper religion such as Islam. We hear a lot many tales of corruption and dishonesty every day in the news.

Therefore, it is important for the individuals to stay honest and work towards the betterment of the individuals. Dressing properly is another important thing that must be done and it is important to choose right kind of clothes whenever you are going anywhere. Ensure that you are Humble as it is the most important characteristic teachings of Islam and one should be modest, humble in everything he/she does.


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