What courses are available for an Islamic Degree? What courses are offered in the Islamic school near me? What disciplines are offered as a part of the academic curriculum? If you are trying to figure out an answer to these questions, here is a quick guide to what Islamic courses can you do for your Islamic degree. Islamic degrees include the historical, cultural and religious information with knowledge on the diversity and cultural convergence of various Islamic communities all over the worlds.

Undergraduate Courses

Under the undergraduate courses in Islamic degree, you will be offered a bachelor’s degree in arts in the topics Theology and Religion.  The course undertakes a detailed study and critical engagement of specific issues related to the topic. This undergraduate degree will provide the students with opportunities to analyze and study Islam in an extensive manner including topics such as Islam in the West and Women in Islam.

Postgraduate Courses

Under the postgraduate courses, you will be able to find a master’s degree that includes a more historical aspect of Islam. The topics included in this course will provide exposure to the contemporary as well as the traditional and cultural contexts of Islam such as history, society, legal and philosophical implications of Islam.

Ph.D. and Research

The Ph.D. and Research option for Theology and Religion offers rather diverse options for the field of study including the international reputation of the religion, the Muslims in various parts of the world, Islamic philosophy and the rights of women in Islam.


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