Teaching children about the right values and meaning of Islamic values and traditions can be done at home as well as through schooling. A lot of Muslim parents prefer to admit their children into Islamic schools so that they learn and follow the Islamic way of life as desired by Allah. There is a necessity of inculcating the right values at the right age. For this purpose, in addition to the parents, the schools have and important part to play.

Responsibility of the School

Schools have a responsibility to teach the children about the Islamic values and traditions as mentioned in the Holy Quran. A deep study of the Holy Quran is a part of the school curriculum. This essentially helps the children to understand the concepts of Islam such as the five pillars, namely: faith, prayer, Muslim charity, fasting and Hajj, in a much better way. The curriculum consists of a deeper study of the verses of the Holy Quran that can be implemented in the day to day life.

Things Parents can teach

As it is said that parents are the first teachers, it is the responsibility of the parents to impart the initial basic knowledge about Islam into their children. The parents can teach the day to day practices that a devout Muslim should follow. For a better understanding of the religion, the parents can enroll their children into  an Islamic boarding school where they can learn the various Islamic practices and their importance that are a part of the day to day life of a devout Muslim.


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