jamea al kauthar front view

Islamic religion rotates around the thought of providing care to fellow human beings existing on earth. One shall come across various sayings of prophet muhammad which talks about affection and brotherhood on earth. Islam also talks about charity which can be performed in different ways a. Like if someone wishes for good life for others then the thought itself is considered as charity. Islam along with it highlights about other Islamic charities UK which focuses on sharing wealth with the needy. This gives another individual the chance to live a better and beautiful life.Apart from that charity can be performed by individuals by opening Islamic schools in the world. Such Schools helps children to gain education and knowledge which can further be transferred to people who are restrained from it.

Why is it important to perform charity?

Charity holds an important place in the life or Muslims and during this phase individuals are warned against the feeling of proud or superiority. Hence one should not do any acts which can cancel their charity. Like speaking hurtful words or reminding others of charity can have repercussions and might lead to loss of charity of an individual in the long run.It is also said that people who prevent help or support to orphans or needy in the town they are considered to have rejected faith. It is important for the donor to be fearless and complete the whole act without any personal motive. One should not fear about their own wealth and instead do it in complete faith and sincerity. It is said that for those who performs charity in good spirit they tend to live a good life and seek blessings from Allah.


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