How is Goodness in Islam Encouraged?

Islam has always been promoting people to do good deeds and work for the welfare of society as a whole. Good deeds in Islam can be performed in variety of ways as listed below.

  1. Zakat in Islam: Islam encourages giving charity to the needy people. If any person follows the principals of Zakat in Islam then he needs to give 2.5% of his earnings to a good cause like building a mosque, school, community or spend to the people who are poor and needy. Those who are having sufficient wealth are able to perform Zakat by contributing to Islamic Charity UK but it is recommended that every Muslim should follow.
  2. Be cheerful to everyone you meet and know: According to teachings in Islam, even a smile is a charity or form of sadaqah for a Muslim. Your smile can cheer another person is best possible way to give charity in Islam. If you are friendly and smiling to another person then the whole society will be a pleasant and cooperative place where people can live peacefully without any differences.
  3. Be honest: Honesty is considered to be one of the key attributes in a Muslim and considered to be a good cause in Islam. One should speak only truth about himself and others. If you want to live in a society where people are true to each other then you must be Honest. Same teaching is also given in different Islamic Schools  so one should follow this teaching.



Inculcating Islamic Values in Students

The importance of fine education along with Islamic morals and ethics is important for building the character of a Muslim child. In addition to the lessons given by parents at home, school plays an important role in making the students aware of the necessity and significance of learning and following the teachings of a religion or humanity. While parents are considered to lay the foundation of a good conscience among children, Islamic schools have taken responsibility to make a contribution in the same.

Importance of including Moral Science in the Curriculum

A lot of schools take up initiatives to help their students learn what Holy Quran teaches. The lessons are taught in the form of seminars or it is included in the curriculum.From nursery to Islamic boarding school , several special programs are held to help their student get familiar with the Islamic morals and traditions.Lessons of Holy Quran are also included in the curriculum in the form of subject and books such that students can grasp knowledge about the same and apply it in their day to day life. This helps each and every student to have an easy access to Holy Scriptures and other material to learn more and better about Islam.

Lessons Given in Schools

Schools have special programs that cover various teaching mentioned in the Holy Quran. They teach their students the importance of traditions like Roza, Hajj and Umrah. In addition to these, schools offer books and copies of the Holy Scriptures where lessons about Islamic charity, donations, duty of Muslims towards humanity and rewards one gets by doing good deeds are mentioned in detail.This contributes in the formation of good and well educated human beings.