Education and charity plays an important role in Islam. It not only teaches an individual about the ways of world but also helps them gain an understanding about the worldly ethics. It is considered that both these factors contributes in the making of character of a person and helps him become a better individual. A well-educated individual is important for creating a balanced society, wherein people of different nature and religion can co-exist and live a happy and peaceful life.

To ensure that every kid is offered appropriate education, Muslim parents ensure to send their children to Muslim school. Herein they are offered lessons of secular education and also imparted knowledge about Islam. The school not only exposes children about world knowledge but also enables them learns basics and insight of their religion. Such knowledge gain is important and helps in the making of responsible and religious kids.

The importance of education and Muslim charities UK has prevailed since primitive ages. It has been mentioned in Holy Quran that it is extremely important for individuals to start gaining knowledge from the time of their birth to their last breath. One of the major things which are taught while rendering education to individuals is about charity. It is said and taught that performing charity is essential for both donor and the needy.

With donations needy is able to get things and money which is important for their living. At the same time, donor is blessed with blessings from Allah which helps them live a happy and blissful life. However to get blessed with happiness donor should make sure to keep their charitable act a secret and never market about it.


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