Ways of Performing Charity in Islam

Zakat is known as Islamic charity or tax. It has been mentioned in Quran that every Muslim must donate his/her wealth to people who are in need. Amongst the five pillars of Islam, Zakat is one of them which encourage Muslim to make donations. There are numerous people who are homeless and starving without food; however with Zakat poverty can be eradicated.

About Zakat

While performing, zakat a certain percentage of wealth is donated to people who are in need. Such donations can also be made to Muslim foundations; however one must ensure that it reaches to the needy people across the world. Zakat is derived from the word Zakaa which means to purify ones souls, increase happiness and be showered with good deeds. This clarifies that it is very important to share one’s wealth among people who are in need and empower them live a good life.

About Sadaqa

It can be donated in any form, which means it may not always be money or food. It can be a simple smile or kind words to someone to make his day or life beautiful. Charity in Islam indeed holds a very important place and must be performed by every individual such that their sins can be forgotten and good life can be imparted to everyone.

How to perform Charity in Islam?

  • One can donate money and building materials when there is a mosque construction. Or can even contribute by working during the construction.
  • There are many children who are suffering from lack of education; one can donate money to build an Islamic college or school. Educating a child is the biggest wealth which one can donate.