Why promoting girls education is important?


Education is very important for everyone. It is not only important for development of an individual, instead it contributes for the development of nation as a whole. Education is not only about learning, reading, speaking or solving mathematics problem; it also helps in understanding the world in a better way. Now many backward countries have taken initiative to help girl child educate, which in turn helps in improving the economic growth of the company.

Education in Islamic country

In many of the Islamic countries, girls are sent to school so that they can be educated well. Earlier days girls were never let out of the house, but now world has changed. There are many charity organisations which offer donation for students who cannot afford education. Girls education charity is offered the most in Islamic communities such that girls can become independent and live healthy lifestyle. Now day’s people believe whether it is a boy or a girl educating them is very important. There are different feminist movements which take place every day;to bring awareness for girl education and help achieve good position in the society.

Education in Islamic colleges

There are many Islamic college which offer education to girls at a less fee. If in case the family is not able to afford to pay the college, student is allowed to educate themselves at free of cost. Considering so many initiatives taken for women education, many countries has removed the ban of woman education and are offering special courses in the support of girls.