What are the benefits of Islamic charities?

Muslims are encouraged to perform Islamic charities in variety of ways. Performing such steps makes a society more pleasant place to live. To ensure, that people continues serving society and people living within it, we have brought forth some ways in which the religion encourages charities:

  • Zakat is an act wherein Muslims are encouraged to give 2.5% of their wealth for good causes. This donation proves to be very beneficial for the community and helps fulfil local needs and services.
  • Being cheerful to everyone or other people is the best thing to do, as it spreads smile on everyone’s face and makes them feel happy.
  • Individuals are encouraged to stay honest, however the saddest part to it is people find it difficult to follow the same. Majority of people finds it comfortable staying dishonest rather than speaking truth. Muslim student’s studies in Islamic College are also guided to walk on the path of honesty.
  • Being honest in appropriate clothes and dress is considered to be one of the most important things which should be performed by an individual for worship of Allah. It has been observed, that girls with time starts dressing in an awkward way. Such acts should be highly avoided, instead ways of conducting charities should be thought of for serving the society.
  • Your birth in the society is not to show off; instead one should stay humble towards everyone. Modesty and humility is one of those characteristics, which help people treat each other with respect. One should note that humble behavior can reduce violence considerably.