Enrichment and Achievement of Jamea Al Kauthar

Jamea Al Kauthar was established in the year 1996 with the aim of providing education to Muslim girls in a safe, secure and blissful environment. At Jamea Al Kauthar, a blend of religious and secular education is imparted to the resident girls so that they learn their religious practices as well as become capable of succeeding in the world. Initially there were only 60 students but now the numbers have expanded to over 450 students. The college provides accommodation and education to Muslim girls from all over the world like USA, Canada, Germany, Mauritius, Kenya, Panama and many more countries.

Located in Lancaster Jamea Al Kauthar offers courses on traditional sciences and on secondary studies. It supports students for further studies as well. Girls at Jamea Al Kauthar can also take up the course on Alimiyyah program in English medium. At Jamea Al Kauthar the curriculum for the students is such that it not only educates the girls but also develops them into good, active and law abiding citizens of the country. Hence, apart from education, students are also encouraged for various other activities to enrich their lives. For example, the Visit from the High Sheriff was one such event in which the students participated.

The High Sheriff of Lancashire, Amanda Parker JP had come to the college where the students engaged with her in conversing about various important topics pertaining to the society. This was a significant event for students because they were enlightened by conversing with the High Sheriff. It increased the confidence of students. Jamea Al Kauthar also organizes an annual Conference for public in which students participate. In the one held in 2016, students mingled with public and realized the importance of forgiveness, respect for elders and mutual tolerance. There were hundreds of visitors who the students met and interacted making the experience a rich one for them.

The effort of students and teachers of Jamea Al Kauthar brought results when the performance of the students at GCSE appeared satisfactory. Students farewell in the boards in which majority of students secure above the National Average which range between 95 and 100 % A+ – C. Students work hard and their way of life helps them secure such good marks and grades which help them to have a secured future. Students also participate in the Young Writers’ Poetopia Competition 2016 and came out with flying colors.

Hence, the environment provided at Jamea Al Kauthar is extremely encouraging for students who wish to have a great life ahead with all round development. Here, teachers not only impart education but teach students the importance of God and good activities. They are encouraged to take part in various activities in which they farewell boosting their confidence. Students come here from all part of the world, so it is important to be able to adapt with all ethnicities and cultures. These activities help them to learn the significance of team and caring for fellow mates.